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The ICPS hosted our first-ever international Climate Policy Competition. With over 200 young participants from across the world, three winners were selected. Find out more about their proposals to shape the future of climate policy here!

The time is now.

The climate crisis is already here. Every day that we delay action are making the impacts worse. Every dollar we invest in effective mitigation policy results in millions of dollars and thousands of lives saved. It is time to take action.

Moving beyond empty words.

In recent years, millions of young people have taken to the streets to protest the inaction of world leaders. Still, governments have not managed to translate the climate science into the transformative policy that is needed. It is time to move beyond empty words and take matters into our own hands.

The world needs sustainable policy solutions.

Climate change cannot be stopped by small, individual actions alone. It requires transformative, sustainable and scalable policy solutions to effectively reduce emissions and build resilience among communities. It is time to make the transition happen.

“We must cut greenhouse gas emissions by 45 per cent by 2030 to reach net-zero by 2050. Unless we act now, we will not have a livable planet. “

– Antonio Guterres, United Nations Secretary General

Time is running out. Yet, we know that together we can solve this crisis.

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  • Did you know that military emission contributes up to 5% of the global carbon emissions, which is comparable to the total emissions from civil aviation and shipping globally? Our 3rd place winner of the first-ever ICPS International Climate Policy Competition: Lo Long Ching, also known as Chammie, is a climate advocate from Hong Kong, who…

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  • We are proud to announce the winner of the first-ever ICPS International Climate Policy Competition: Ved Wani, 16 years old, with his proposal on creating a national adaptation plan for India. The jury found this proposal incredibly interesting as it takes a holistic approach to decarbonizing one of the world’s largest and fastest developing economies.…

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